Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm back!

Yo you faithful readers (as if have any....)! I am back! NO more exam till the next year!! REJOICE!!

On another rather sadder note, I feel like I am talking to the blank computer screen. :(

Please whoever you are (if you are there), read my blog and comment!

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I wonder if I can get that many comments........

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Exam.... :-(

I have a major exam next week. I have been studying and studying this whole week so no time to blog. Sorry, but after next week, it's a fiesta!! So right now, you just read some other blog, be back on Friday.

p.s. Strangely, my exam coincides with the UPSR exam. So I'm taking UPSR all over again! Wish me luck y'all.

p.p.s. OMGOMGOMG!!! Was it Poh Huai Bin of that commented on my last post on datukship? OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!

p.p.p.s. I have a Plurk page. I can't seem to add it on my blog. Anyone knows how to?

Friday, August 22, 2008

On Datukship

OMG! Have you heard? Lee Chong Wei is going to be awarded a Datukship for the first silver medal for Malaysia in 12 years.Lee Chong Wei, made Malaysia proud in the Beijing Olympics 2008

And then some Malay dude said Chong Wei shouldn't be given a Datuk title. I was like, Who the hell wants a Datuk? You gimme money emough already.

I mean, c'mon! Can't you see? Every Tom, Dick and Harry.... No wait, in Malaysia, there's no Tom or Dick or Harry... Every Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu.... and plain Sitis (in the West, plain Janes) has a Datuk. E.g. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk K, Datuk Nicol David, Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Datuk this, Datuk that.

Be it athlete, politicians, businesspeople, celebrity, some guy/girl of the street, sooner or later you're gonna be a Datuk. I realise that this is very sexist. Guy or girl, you're a Datuk! Datuk is Malay for Grampa! A girl is a grampa! Can't they come up with something like Datin or Nenek? No, wait.... Datin is for wives of grampas.... Then, what is given for husbands of Datuks? Huh? Huh? So damn sexist, man! They didn't come up with it? Why? Because they think that women are less likely to get a Datuk than men. Even if they got a Datuk, they are most likely to marry another Datuk! They think that women are less capable to make Malaysia proud than men!!!!! Arghhhhhh!!!!

In England, there's sir and madam. Why can't it be Datuk and Datin in Malaysia? You're asking, "Then what about the wives and husbands of Datuks?"


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First episode a.k.a. pilot!

Welcome! This is the blog of a crazy blogger. This blog tells the life as seen through a teenager's eyes! Who the hell am I? I could be a bored 11-year-old with nothing to do. Or I could be a 32-year-old stalker. Well, let's just say that I am:

  • a proud Malaysian and Penangite
  • a female
  • bored
  • crazy
  • lazy pig. No wait, strike that. Busy bee
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